Before I fall asleep…

About the age of 7 or 8 my parents gave me a wonderful book for my birthday. It was about a magic fairy that is inside you and that helps you to feel good. With help of that magic fairy (I called her Rosalinda) you could send colored rainbows to other people and make them feel better in a certain way. For example you could send yellow rainbows for brainpower, pink ones for love and green ones for health. I loved that book and it was an excellent way to introduce me into some kind of evening meditation. So I would lay in bed, talking to Rosalinda and share all my worries with her. In a way I trusted her to solve these problems as I lay there sleeping peacefully. When I became older, I changed my rituals and my mother showed me different mantras for going to bed and she taught me how to be thankful. I never reflected on what I actually did there, but it helped me to calm down and to process my days in childhood and adolescence.

Especially as young parents time is rolling past so quickly and you mostly lay in bed every evening somewhat around midnight with your head buzzing and hoping to fall asleep. The last cognitive act is probably counting the hours until morning. For me it is similar on many days, but whenever I think about it I include the following evening ritual.



A short gratitude meditation 

Close your eyes and lie in a flat position on your back. Don’t cross your legs to let the energy flow.

Turn your palms up. And imagine to connect to the universal energy. To every being in the world. To everything that you touch. Feel the ground beneath you and imagine that the ground is connected to everything else in the world. Feel part of the total.

You can even speak or think a mantra three times: “I connect to the universal energy.”

Now think about your day and thank for the nice things that happened in it. Especially when it was an exhausting or terrible day. Think about the small things.

” I am thankful for that nice conversation with my grandma on the phone”

“I am thankful for the fresh air that I smelled in the park today”

“I am thankful for that caring coffee that my husband made for me”

” I am thankful for J being so tender to me when I brought him to bed.”

You see, the small things matter, too. This way you can appreciate them and go to bed with a positive attitude that will make your sleep much more restorative.

Sleep tight!



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