You haven’t failed yet.

Take a minute and remember the last hours of last year. The plans you made for the following year. The projects you were keen to take on: learning to knit those lopi socks, attending qi gong lessons or flying to iceland? Or the small things like spending more time with your husband, practicing more yoga or going to bed at early hours?


In Europe it is now metereologically seen the middle of the year, Indian summer. About 200 years ago, the year wasn’t yet divided into four seasons, but only in a winter and a summer half, divided by the Indian summer. This time of the year the dry air and hot temperature invite millions of spiders to spin their webs around the trees. After cold nights those webs are glittering with early autumn dew pearls in the morning. The word Indian summer normally refers to the American phenomenon of the beginning of autumn and the leafs being colored red and golden. Here in Germany we call it the “Altweibersommer” (Old webbing summer) and the old sagas say that old women combed their hair and lost their silver hair strands in the trees. And by act of the goddess of fate old people who walk through the forest and are touched by these webs are blessed with luck and health.


For our little family the Indian summer has most of all a contemplation meaning. We appreciate the projects we accomplished in the first half of the year. We think of the seeds we sowed in spring and are grateful for the fruits we are harvesting now. Since now is the middle rather than the end of the year, there is no evaluation needed. We don’t have to be disappointed in ourselves or others. It is a wonderful opportunity to be mindful and stop our pacing mind. Have we rushed through the last months? Have we taken time for ourselves? Have we lived within our circle of values? We can contemplate once again and sort our priorities and matters of heart. Which projects have we accomplished? Which projects are worth to be kept on?


Depending on your values you might ask yourself now:

  • Do I spend enough time with my loved ones?
  • Do I spend enough time with myself?
  • Do I spend enough time in nature?
  • Do I take enough time to rest?
  • Do I take enough time in movement?
  • Do I tell my loved ones what I feel for them?
  • Do I tell myself that I love me?
  • Do I support my body and soul with fresh green meals?
  • Am I fulfilled in my life?

If you answer any of these questions with no, it is no reason to despair. It is wonderful you asked them and now it is time to rearrange your daily time. 5 minutes are also time. And 5 minutes spent in the range of your own values are the most precious time. So take small steps rather than none.


In the end of November it will be time for us to celebrate our traditional thanksgiving feast with friends and family. The time to officially thank people, nature and the universal energy for everything.  Until then you might want to go out in the woods and take a look at these beautiful webs. And who knows, maybe one of them will touch and bless you.



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