What are you waiting for?


I sit at the train station. Waiting for my train home. Home to my two beloved persons in this world. It’s a cold and rainy afternoon and I remember I want to buy rain trousers for J, which is done ten minutes later with the help of online shopping. At that time I already sit inside the train. I notice that my feet are quite cold and I long for a hot bath and a steaming vegetable soup.  I write to my man and kindly ask him to prepare something nice and send him several recipe ideas… I look forward to dinner and imagine this amazing soup in my mouth… 30 minutes later I arrive home. We sit down at the table and eat that wonderful soup. But in my head I already plan tomorrow’s schedule…


Do you know these kind of days? Time flows by and you ask yourself where the last week or even the last month have gone to? We spend at least 50 percent of our lifetime waiting for something. Waiting to become a schoolchild, waiting to become of age, waiting to get married and waiting for that little bump to rise and gift us with the beautiful treasure of tiny life. These waiting periods give us the strength to keep up in our every day struggles and raise our hopes and design our dreams and fantasies. But not all of our waiting is helpful. Most waiting time feels like waisted time. Waiting in front of that train, then waiting to arrive for 13 minutes.  Waiting for the lasagne to be done in the oven.  Waiting for Friday.  Waiting for our date. Waiting for your child to speak or walk. Waiting, waiting, waiting. And to optimally use every second of our life we use every waiting minute to pull out our mobile phone and check our mails, what’s app or insta (of course some of us still pull out their books). If you sit inside the metro or tube you see at least 50% of travellers having their mobiles in their hand. We are all trying so hard not to have any unused excess time. 

Wait. Stop!


Excess time? How can life time be a waste? How can any minute that you’re able to breathe, feel, see and hear be less than highly precious? We treat time like an old wife we had for 50 years and that always seems the same to us, until we miss her when she is suddenly gone. Time is with you since you were born and will never leave you until you end your journey in that earthly body. Indeed we just borrow time for a limited period of life.  Time itself is infinite in the flow of the universe.

So next time you are waiting for something, try to catch yourself at it. And treasure that moment with some questions (You might want to close your eyes):

  1. Can I feel the ground under me? What does it feel like? How many parts of my body actually touch the ground?
  2. Do I feel the cold air stream in through my nostrils? Do I feel how my lungs are filled and my rips are widening? Do I feel the warm used air leave my body through my nose? 

Now open your eyes:

  1. Now think of your parents. No matter where they are. No matter how well your relationship is and even if they are not alive anymore. Think of them and treasure them. Feel your heart beat and realise that this is only possible because these two persons have made you. 
  2. Is there anything in your view that is beautiful and precious? Find the smallest hints of life, joy and love around you. Now treasure them,too.
  3. Thank for all the blessings you have in your life: Living in a peaceful country, having enough food, having a family and friends, being healthy. 


Silently be thankful for these minutes that you spent with yourself. That you actually see yourself as a friend and a person with whom it is wonderful to spend time with. Give yourself an inner smile and carry that smile through the rest of that day.


Try to find these mindful moments throughout your day. They will make more of your 24 hours worth and precious. Don’t waste your time away by scheduling date after date and filling those gaps in between with mails on your phone. Try to actually live as much as possible. Remember: it’s not the quantity of time that you use that matters, but the quality in which you spend that time.



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