Hey Stranger, hey Friend.

My name is Susann, psychologist and intuitive mother, writing to you from Germany. This place is supposed to be some kind of diary about my path and the path that our little family takes every day and every second. A path that took a sudden turn when our son J was born.

I share my experiences, feelings and thoughts on motherhood: how to stay at home with your children the first years, how to let go of boundaries without losing yourself, how to realize a sugarfree childhood, how to find yourself while whole-heartedly being a mother.

You will also find insights in our rituals, kitchen life and travels.

Our path is full of decisions. Mostly decisions to choose different routes than others do. Not always the comfortable routes at first sight but the ones that lead to self-fulfillment in the end.

And most important: A unique path.

As everyone goes his or her unique path on their way to joy, love, health.

So thank you for being here and I hope you find inspirations for your path to fulfillment!



One thought on “About

  1. Liebe Susann, deine Texte sind ganz feinsinnig geschrieben und deine Fotots sind zum reinlegen schön. Warum war ich denn noc nicht vorher hier? Ein echter Geheimtipp, dein Blog! LG von Eva alias @evafedeveka


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