Today it is kind of trendy if your baby doesn’t get any refined sugar under the age of one. There are lots of alternatives at whole food stores like fruit sweetened cookies, sugar free drinks, coconut water … But that wasn’t always the case. When my mother started living on a sugar free diet in 1995 I was just 6 years old and it didn’t really bother me. I got to eat sweets (I didn’t know they didn’t contain sugar) and I had that great opportunity to exchange my chocolate and gummy bears for stickers. Do you remember that time when everybody had a sticker album and stickers were exchanged? I was always happy to give my mom some of grandma’s Christmas chocolate and to receive a new glittering sticker to glue in my album in exchange. I was always keen to be at my friend’s house where I got to eat Nutella or eat sugary pancakes. But I didn’t miss them at home. I even disliked a lot of sweets and I didn’t like sweet drinks like coke, lemonade or sweetened juices. I guess I had quiet complex taste buds that always knew whenever something was not natural. My friends were always curious about the things that were growing inside my mother’s kitchen: sprouts, soaked buckwheat or just salt sole.